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For a bit of a change from muffins, check out my article this month on High Tea Cast all about perfect macarons – Mad for macarons.


11 Strawberry Pistachio

Strawberry Pistachio Muffin
Strawberry Pistachio Muffin

This summer for a dinner party I jazzed up my standard apple crumble by replacing the apples with strawberries and adding pistachios to the usual crumble topping. It worked an absolute treat and I have since done it a few more times. Then I wondered how that flavour combination would translate into a muffin. Strawberries are notoriously difficult to bake with. Previous attempts left the muffin a bit soggy. Then I hit on the idea of a strawberry jam middle and pistachios on the top. This worked a treat. However I would like to try it with a different muffin recipe as this one is a tad bland and well, doughnutty!
Adapted from 1001 cupcakes, cookies and other tempting treats recipe 742.

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