Chocolate muffin (again)

This chocolate muffin recipe turned out so well I decided to make it again. But this time as well as egg-free I wanted to make it dairy free! Ambitious? Yes but also a great success. I substituted crunchy peanut butter for the normal butter and almond milk for the cow’s milk and the results were again delicious. The little morsels of peanut added an extra dimension to the softness of the muffin.

peanut morsel

Even the non-peanut fan in the family enjoyed them. I’m also pretty sure that you could use almond butter instead to keep the consistency with the almond milk.

Chocolate peanut muffinAnyway if you haven’t tried these yet what are you waiting for, give them a go!

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Blueberry banana muffins

As promised, it’s time for the most classic of all muffins, blueberry. With so many great recipes out there it was difficult to decide what to bake…

Blueberry in front of muffin

You’ll know by now that I’m not really into the classic so my blueberry muffins needed to have a twist. I really want to create healthier muffins and blueberries are a great way to do that. Also bananas. I had a few that turned brown while I was off celebrating the wedding of two friends. This recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction sounded delicious. I’m not quite ready to give up all my sugar just yet but this seemed to have a good balance between sugar and honey.

Straight from the oven they looked stunning! They were well risen and the blueberries were bursting through the cake tops in a burst of sticky fruity messiness. And I was right, the flavour was amazing! It was rich, fabulously fruity and not too sweet.

Blueberry muffin trio

But there was one problem, a soggy bottom! I struggled to get the majority of the muffins out of the tin in one piece. The batter may have been a little too runny so lots of blueberries sank. Next time I’d try them without the added yoghurt and perhaps with fewer blueberries.

Soggy blueberries

Since I made these I found another most delicious sounding blueberry banana muffin recipe over on Dinnerbysusan which is now on my bucket list of recipes to make.

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Chocolate Muffin

Chocolate Muffin Stack

I love a challenge and when one of my readers suggested creating muffins for special diets I happily accepted. These chocolate muffins are egg free. This one is close to my heart as from a really early age my niece was diagnosed with a severe egg allergy. Over time she has got slightly better and is now able to eat cooked egg.  With age she has also got fussier to the point where she has decided she no longer likes cake. Chocolate is her thing so these muffins are for her (even although she’ll not be partaking).

Half eaten chocolate muffinIt looks and feels like a muffin but the taste and texture in your mouth is more like a brownie. All I can say is yum! I will definitely be making more of these.

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Raspberry, rosemary and almond

Raspberry rosemary muffin

A gift of a punnet of raspberries led to this latest experiment. Delicious organic Scottish berries, grown at the James Hutton Institute as part of a teaching garden, require special treatment. Raspberries and almonds are a match made in heaven so I used almond milk rather than coconut and added some ground almonds for moisture as well as extra flavour. I’ve also been really keen to use some rosemary, growing in abundance in a pot on my stairs, in some sweet baking.

Raspberries and rosemary might be considered an unusual combination but they work extremely well together. The rosemary adds just a touch of savoury to the sweet juicy raspberry. I also experimented a little with spelt flour and I really liked the results. Maybe some time I’ll be braver and not use any self-raising flour. Do you dare me?

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Cherry coconut oat muffin

Crumble topped cherry coconut oat muffin

It’s simple I had some delicious fresh cherries and some coconut milk to use up so cherry coconut muffins were a must make. I threw in the oats just for fun (and to soak up some of the cherry juice as my fruit muffins are usually too soggy). I also wanted something a little more wholesome than usual so I used wholemeal flour (bread flour because it was all I had) and dark brown sugar.

Cherry Coconut Oat Muffin biteThe results are delicious, perfect mounds of muffin topped with crumble.


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