Making the Christmas Cake – Part 1

Christmas cake

I hope you’ve got your Christmas cake made by now to give it enough time to soak up all the brandy and be delicious and moist for the big day. If you’ve not had a chance have a look at High Tea Cast for my recipe – Making the Christmas Cake – Part 1 – as well as a few other ideas if like me you’re not feeling very organised this year.


6 thoughts on “Making the Christmas Cake – Part 1

  1. Made my fruit mince last week. Too many family birthdays around ths time of the year, put me behind on the Christmas cake front. Hopefully next week.
    Your cake looks amazing.
    Couldn’t open the link though.

  2. Well Jen, I did make Delia’s last weekend and I’ve now decided to make a second one (after my family stole the one I made last year) I think it could be time to make yours and see how it compares. Think I will try your tip of adding cranberries, instead of sultanas maybe? (never been a fan) It has to be sherry though rather than brandy for me!

    1. Well done Kat! I think my mum makes Delia’s one so it’s also good. I’d love to hear how you get on with the cranberries, I think I would replace the currants but it’s really personal preference. Maybe we can get together over the festive period to share cake?

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