perfect peeled banana

We are a family of banana lovers. Every day since starting solids my daughter has eaten one for breakfast. Always the same. Cereal of some sort followed by a banana. Like me she enjoys them most when they are perfectly ripe. Not under ripe and not over ripe, just perfect.

Any black or soft bits will be handed back to me. Yuck!

Now though, at 2 1/2 years old, the monotony is setting in. Her choice varies between all the fruits. Apple was favoured today but tomorrow perhaps it will be the turn of the grapes. It’s all good and I’m really pleased that she likes her fruit so much.

However, my stock take has not yet been updated so I continue to buy the same number of bananas as before. But it could…maybe…perhaps…be a deliberate failing because there is nothing better than sad looking overripe bananas. When bananas look like this in the fruit bowl it means there’s baking to be done :

Overripe bananas

Banana loaf? Banana muffins? We’ll see but which would you choose?


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