Courgettes and marrows

This beautiful marrow was one of a trio given to me from a friend’s garden. Like many who grow their own vegetables either in a garden or allotment they were experiencing a glut. With so many of this delicious vegetable ripe all at the same time they were struggling to find different things to do with them.

yellow marrow

Marrows belong to the squash family along with courgette/zucchini and pumpkins. While they are delicious in most savoury dishes; bolognaise, soup or simply stuffed they can also be used in sweet recipes. Like courgette I see no reason why you couldn’t enjoy a chocolate and marrow cake. The marrow provides lots of moisture without any of the distinctive vegetable flavour. But even so there’s only so much marrow one can stomach in one go.

Many resort to preserving their goodness for winter in jars of chutney or gift bagfuls to friends. Thank you  very much! I’ve mentioned my struggles to perfect the courgette muffin before and I am still keen to conquer but after a couple of recent attempts I decided to try something a little different. When I found this recipe for sweet zucchini crumble I was, of course, intrigued. A different recipe to add to the repertoire to deal with a glut of marrows.

Marrow crumble

The sweetened marrows were delicious and not unlike apples. Perhaps just a little less sweet and I would guess a little healthier. My one comment about this recipe was that there was rather too much crumble (I never thought I would say that) for the amount of filling. It was nice having a layer of crumble underneath but next time I’d use a thicker layer of veg.

Bowl of marrow crumble

What’s your favourite recipe for courgette or marrow?


2 thoughts on “Courgettes and marrows

    1. Thanks Sarah, I think maybe I just didn’t check how much marrow I had and assumed it was plenty. Next time I’ll follow the instructions better. It was a lovely recipe though, so different 🙂

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