Apricot & Nasturtium cupcakes

Ok so these aren’t strictly muffins but to me the lines between muffins and cupcakes are blurred anyway.  So please forgive me just this once.

Butterfly cake

As soon as I saw the idea of adding chopped nasturtium flowers to apricot jam on Butter, Sugar, Flowers I knew I had to make it. Each time I climb the steps into my house I see a cascade of beautiful nasturtiums with their bright orange heads peaking out in amongst a sea of green.

Nasturtium jam

Then, well timed I needed to bake a little something special for a play date/ cake date. Sadly with no butter in the house my options were limited. Good Food magazine came to my rescue with a recipe for olive oil and apricot cake. It seemed like it was meant to be, apricot cake and apricot nasturtium jam!

Now all I had to do was make it a child friendly activity for a morning of mummying. I was reminded how much I loved making butterfly cakes as a child by Liz at My Favourite Pastime. Now this idea definitely had wings!

Butterfly cake and nasturtium

How do you come up with your ideas for bakes?


4 thoughts on “Apricot & Nasturtium cupcakes

  1. I am so glad the butterfly cupcakes inspired you. These cupcakes look very nice, like real butterflies are perched on top. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks Liz, it was a little flash of inspiration that made me style them as real butterflies and thanks for my wee trip down memory lane too. I’m sure I’ll be making these with my daughter again.

  2. Jen, this is a beautiful post and a lovely recipe — and to top it off, I feel so thankful to have partially inspired it with my cookies! Thank you so much for your kind mention of my blog.
    The butterfly design is adorable, and I agree with you about the difference between cupcakes and muffins. (I say chocolate muffins are actually cupcakes; others say cupcakes have to be frosted; but then, what happens if you put frosting on a bran muffin? This could go on and on… 🙂 )

    1. Thank you for the inspiration! I love it when an idea comes together like that. I see so many recipes that I think I’d like to make but your conserve just really stood out. We could tie ourselves in knots trying to distinguish cupcakes and muffins but perhaps we should let them be whatever they want to be… 🙂

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