Blueberries hiding

My blueberry bush was the first plant that got me interested in gardening. I’ve never been very green fingered and house plants still do not fair well in my care (I’m sorry if you’ve ever given me an indoor plant, I do try. Oh and the beautiful flowering orchids in the house? Not mine, I don’t always even remember to water them when their carer is away!)

Anyway, outdoor plants are more my thing especially since I live in Scotland and there isn’t often a water shortage here. The blueberry bush has a special place in my heart because it takes so little care and yet it still produces beautiful deep blue berries for me. The exception was last year but we had just moved house and I think perhaps it was settling into its new abode.

Now that is has earned my favour I confess I do take some care. When we had the very dry spell this summer I would traipse up and down the stairs with watering can and water bottles to ensure it had enough of a drink to keep it going. I’m very glad I did because now I am reaping the rewards.

Blueberries on bush

Assuming I can entice just a few more delicious berries, there will be a blueberry muffin on here very soon. What’s your favourite muffin recipe for showing off the full potential of the blueberry?


7 thoughts on “Blueberries

  1. I love blueberries with citrus! Blueberry muffins with lemon icing? I’ve had blueberry orange cake which was yummy too; I’ve never tried lime but I bet it would work!

    1. mmm yum love them with citrus too! I really like the yeo valley blueberry yoghurt with a hint of lime so maybe there’s a great muffin in there…

  2. Omg, the blueberry bush looks so nice and the berries are so fresh. I never knew I could own a blueberry bush and pick my own berries. That’s a cool idea! thanks for sharing!

    1. They are pretty straightforward to look after and so rewarding. I don’t have a garden so I just have them in pots and it seems to work really well.

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