only half the story

It occurred to me today that this blog is only covering half the story. My desire to bake and eat cake is so strong that I want to make things that are both a treat but also a little bit healthier. It’s been said for a while that cupcakes with mountains of buttercream are dead. They may be pretty but the quantity of sugar is really unjustified. I prefer to use fresh produce and fruit and nuts feature highly. I’ve also been trying to use different flours particularly wholemeal and brown rather than white sugar.

Even so there has to be a balance. In order to be able to eat muffins regularly I have to be able to burn the calories. I do a pretty good job at maintaining my weight but now I want to lose it. So that I don’t have to give up making delicious muffins to share with you I have to do a whole lot of exercise. With good access to sporting facilities I’ve tried my hand at many different forms of exercise, but still I’m a sporadic exerciser at best. While jumping around in Zumba class today I realised that this might be something you’d be interested to hear about?

I really like, and I’m sure most of you do too, looking at delicious photographs of muffins but the majority of us want to know how to balance it all. I will definitely not be stopping my development of muffin recipes and sharing them but I do have a few ideas of what  I could write about to try to address the issue. These are just my ideas, I’d love to know what you think? What would you like to read about? I’ve made it easy for you with a little poll (I’ve been wanting to do a poll for a while now) but if you have any other suggestions it’d be great if you could leave a comment. Thanks for your help!


5 thoughts on “only half the story

  1. How about dairy-free baking, egg-free baking, sugar-free baking etc? 😉 I’ve bought some fruit sugar and egg replacer that I am itching to try in a cake!!

    1. Great idea Sian! My last couple of recipes have been dairy free but I’ve never tried sugar or egg-free baking. Let me know how you get on with the replacers 🙂

      1. Egg free is the most difficult one I think… so might leave that til after the wedding and just make some fruit-sugar fairy cakes tonight!

        Another ‘free’ would be gluten, and I have seen gluten free flour(?), but I’m loathe to suggest that as there seems to be a huge craze for dumping gluten at the minute, when only a very very few people genuinely have an intolerance to it. The others… well I won’t say they’re making it up but by making healthier choices they could probably have gluten fairly easily, i.e. don’t claim you’re allergic to gluten if you can’t eat Warburton’s white toastie loaf… try proper brown bread instead!

        Personally I wouldn’t voluntarily give up any food, food intolerance fashions really annoy me and probably annoy people who have genuine allergies even more.

      2. Gluten free is another genuine one and one I had thought to give it a try too. Gluten allergy can be fairly serious and there’s not that many recipes out there (yet). The ones I have found contain Xantham Gum and other such things but I’m not entirely sure that these are necessary. I like to find recipes that have easily substitutable ingredients so you can easily create them from storecupboard. We could all benefit from trying these new things and have a healthier lifestyle to boot.

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