Cherry coconut oat muffin

Crumble topped cherry coconut oat muffin

It’s simple I had some delicious fresh cherries and some coconut milk to use up so cherry coconut muffins were a must make. I threw in the oats just for fun (and to soak up some of the cherry juice as my fruit muffins are usually too soggy). I also wanted something a little more wholesome than usual so I used wholemeal flour (bread flour because it was all I had) and dark brown sugar.

Cherry Coconut Oat Muffin biteThe results are delicious, perfect mounds of muffin topped with crumble.


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Carrot and coconut muffins

carrot & Coconut muffin bite

I’ve been trying to cut down on the dairy in my diet. Don’t get me wrong I’m not allergic to dairy or anything I just wanted to try to be a little healthier. This is a particularly difficult thing to do especially when it’s the hottest summer on record (I can’t even remember the last time it rained and that’s saying something for Scotland).

My temptations have been ice cream and cake. Last week I discovered a very easy alternative to ice cream which is dairy free. Who knew that freezing bananas and then blitzing them in a food processor would achieve such deliciousness? I imagine there’s all sorts of flavours you could add to the mix to make all sorts of interesting concoctions.

So anyway this blog is about muffins not ice cream. I had some leftover coconut milk from my dairy-free porridge when it occurred to me that coconut would make an amazing muffin. While in Canada I tried carrot muffins so there was my dynamic duo for this test, carrot and coconut. And, they are delicious. Moist and flavourful. I was tempted to add a handful of sultanas and now that I’ve tasted them that would be good. Also some toasted coconut on the top would make them extra special.

It’s a big thumbs up for this dairy-free carrot and coconut muffin.

Carrot & Coconut muffin

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Banana Muffin


Even in the heat I feel the need to bake. Especially when there are overripe bananas around that won’t last more than a day or maybe two. I would usually bake banana loaf. There are two recipes that I always fall back on. One is a spicy banana bread almost like a ginger bread and the other perhaps better described as banana tea loaf has strands of banana running through it. Both delicious but muffins are the name of the game right now so muffins it is.

From my favourite book of the moment these banana muffins are a taste extravaganza with not only bananas but dates, cinnamon and pecans as well. They are deliciously moist with a little bit of crunch. One of my trusty testers (it’s a difficult job but someone’s got to do it) suggested they would make the most amazing and interesting sticky toffee puddings for an overindulgent dinner party. Yum!

Even without toffee sauce these are delicious and one I would perhaps attempt again. Maybe  using wholegrain flour? (And definitely having my camera at the ready as soon as they come out of the oven as they dropped within 10 minutes!)


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Mango Muffins

Mango muffinIt’s been a while! Not only since I posted last but since I last baked a muffin. My interest has been reignited by a recent trip to Canada. The muffins there are fabulous and not anything like the “cake” versions I’ve found in the UK. Canadian muffins were huge. Often they were a meal in themselves with delicious fruit and vegetable ingredients. So after more research than was perhaps necessary on  holiday I’m now back home ready to bring you more muffin experiments.

The post holiday resolutions are now slowly slipping to the wayside. The mango I bought at the height has slowly over-ripened to the point that I don’t really fancy eating it after all. To ease myself back in gently I used the book Scrumptious Muffins by Marc Grossman to make these mango muffins. I love that they use fresh mango and mango chutney. They are delicious, light and not too sweet.

Mango in a mango muffin

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